Zirconium propionate adhesion

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Zirconium propionate is a white powder with molecular formula Zr(CH 3 CH 2 COO) 4 . Its structure is complex, but is believed to be based on hydroxy -bridged zirconium polymers , with the propionate carboxyl group bonded to the zirconium. Propionates are salts or esters of propionic acid . It is not soluble in water, but dissolves in a solution of isopropanol , ethanol and ethyl acetate . When tamped or untamped, it has a density of g/cm 3 or g/cm 3 respectively. It is used to promote adhesion in solvent -based inks . Impurities of Hafnium are commonly present.

Zirconium propionate adhesion

zirconium propionate adhesion


zirconium propionate adhesionzirconium propionate adhesionzirconium propionate adhesionzirconium propionate adhesionzirconium propionate adhesion