What is trench fever

The most important thing to do regarding trench mouth is to practice good preventative care. It got its name from situations where soldiers could not perform oral hygiene, and the painful mouth ulcers that appeared from this neglect should be a warning that as the old saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Be sure to brush at least twice a day, floss daily, and use a mouthwash to eliminate all the bacteria from the mouth and throat that can lead to this. Be careful to steer clear of most name brand products, as most actually contain ingredients that can create the perfect environment for bacteria to flourish. If you’re practicing good oral hygiene and still having difficulty, seek out natural products that don’t contain the harmful additives.

Rum ration every morning, in an 18-pounder shell cap protector, the size of an egg cup. It was brass with a piece of wire on from an 18-pounder shell and that was your measure, about an egg cupful. They’d measure this out and you’d have to drink it while you was before him. But I used to keep, I couldn’t drink mine, it was too strong – ’cos I never drank – I used to keep mine for my tea. Cigarette ration was I think 40 every fortnight, Flag cigarettes they were, Woodbine. I didn’t smoke many because I used to save mine and swap it for food with the chaps that really went mad for cigarettes, for a smoke. Oh there’s no doubt about it, very soothing a cigarette.

Trench foot, also called immersion foot, develops when your feet are exposed to cold, unsanitary water for long periods of time — many hours or days. [1] It was termed during World War I when thousands of soldiers developed the painful condition while fighting in the trenches. The condition is characterized by foot swelling, numbness, pain and eventual tissue death and gangrene, which is life threatening. Trench foot still occurs in modern war zones, disaster areas and outdoor events mired by rain / flooding. Treating and preventing the condition is pretty straightforward.

What is trench fever

what is trench fever


what is trench feverwhat is trench feverwhat is trench feverwhat is trench feverwhat is trench fever