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Hi there Harold. In basic terms, I think you should be okay for reasonable frame rates at 4K textures/on a 4K monitor with a Titan X SLI and the PC with the i7 processor you mention. I can’t be sure about 60fps but for one thing, getting close to this will vary from game to game, with some games being much more intensive on your GPU than others. Thus, you could have a game that barely hits the 30fps mark and sometimes slides even lower while others zip right up to a respectable 55+fps. Secondly, while the GPU you mention should be okay along with the PC/processor combo, make sure you also have a compatible power unit at work for your rig since the Titan X can easily reach 650+ watts at full load, and you might want to consider a cooling unit for the CPU, though this might not be necessary if you don’t really push your gaming to extremes. Again, a lot is going to depend on how intensively you push your 4K gaming. Finally, I’m not sure what sort of 4K monitor you had in mind but the following are some great suggestions I put together recently. TN monitors are generally the cheaper option and offer great response times to boot, so I’d go for one of those, even if they don’t have as fine of color output and viewing angles as an IPS display (but who really uses a gaming monitor while looking at it from above or off to one side anyhow??)

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Tren most powerful steroid

tren most powerful steroid


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