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Update 3/22: Tyler Ellis, an astronomy graduate student working with Tabetha Boyajian, updated Gizmodo via email this weekend to let us know that the follow-up response has so far been “pretty extensive.” For photometry (counting light particles being emitted in different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum) observers at the Los Cumbres Global Observatory and the KELT planet hunting network are viewing the star in optical, while the SWIFT ultraviolet space telescope, the Subaru telescope, and the Large Binocular Telescope are studying its infrared glow. Other collaborators are doing spectroscopy, trying to figure out which areas of the spectrum, exactly, are dimming. Still others are attempting to measure the polarization of light emitted by Tabby’s star, which can help determine whether the dimming is caused by something in the interstellar medium.

Several organizations are partnering to launch the Truckers Rolling Against Hepatitis C initiative at the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas, Texas. The Healthy Trucking Association of America (HTAA), Abbvie and OraSure Technologies Inc. (OSUR) are joining forces to encourage testing among our nation's professional truck drivers. The initiative will begin on the first day of the Great American Trucking Show, which is August 21st. It will run for the remainder of the truck show and this fall. Hepatitis C testing stations will be put up all over the country beginning after the event.

It’s unclear how Sotheby’s was able to obtain all of the objects on sale today, and while the auction house has released the amounts each item sold for, it did not disclose any of the buyers. What we do know is that the sale of that high-ticket collection bag was highly controversial. The bag has been the center of a court case between NASA and a Chicago-area woman , who purchased the bag online in 2015, not knowing its exact origins. According to the Washington Post , after the buyer, Nancy Carlson, sent the bag to NASA for testing, the agency told her it “belongs to the American people.”

Tren injection vein

tren injection vein


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