Test prop weight gain

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Spinning propellers are always a hazard on ground working, such as loading or embarking the airplane. Tractor configuration leaves the rear of the plane as relatively safe working area, while a pusher is dangerous to approach from behind, while a spinning propeller may suck in things and people nearby in front of it with fatal results to both the plane and the people sucked in. Even more hazardous are unloading operations, especially mid-air, such as dropping supplies on parachute or skydiving operations, which are next to impossible with a pusher configuration airplane, especially if propellers are mounted on fuselage or sponsons.

Hello Ms. Lazarides. I am a 42yo male with a history of ulcerative colitis since I was 20yo. I am currently in remission, but due to drug allergies, exacerbations can be controlled only by cortizone over long periods of time. I always put a lot of weight with cortizone. I was 200lbs when I started treatment and bloated up to 260lbs, while being on a strict diet (no salt). What bothers me is that the extra weight, which is definitely not due to overeating, does not seem to go away even if it is over 1 1/2 year that I have completely stopped cortizone treatment. Everyday my ankles are swollen, and even the softest of socks will leave marks on my calves. My heart function is normal and my hormone levels (cortizol, thyroid, blood sugar) are normal too. I think I could benefit from the Waterfall Diet.

Test prop weight gain

test prop weight gain


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