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After your newborn has been screened for conditions, some blood will remain on the card. The residual dried blood spot retention time in New York is 27 years. Storage is under secure conditions where access is strictly controlled. Specimens are not stored with information that directly identifies your baby. Should the need arise, the specimen(s) may be used for diagnostic purposes for your child with appropriate consent. A portion of the specimen will also be stripped of information that might identify your child and may be used in public health research that has been reviewed and approved by a Board charged with overseeing compliance with all applicable laws and ethical guidelines. Please call (518) 473-7552 for instructions to arrange to have your child's specimen destroyed or prevented from being used in public health research. According to state regulation, the department also must store newborn screening information in electronic format. The state laboratory must record requested diagnoses and case follow-up information and must maintain tracking records for diagnosed cases.

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Test prop var results

test prop var results


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