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After all of the changes, Green says that her final staging of The Music Man was “a different show, but [that] the soul of it was the same.” In the end, it was Green who went through the biggest transformation. She was reminded of the magic of theatre—in which artists come together in the face of a problem and find solutions—as well as the value in engaging in conversations with licensing organizations. And ultimately, she believes it’s made her a stronger director. “This experience has forced me to believe in my ideas even more,” she says. “When you’re met with resistance, it makes you want to fight for your ideas more.”

Perhaps the most notable absentee from the soundtracks, considering prominence during the series, were Eels , whose song "Novocaine for the Soul" was often used but appeared on none of the CDs. Although appearing in the Christmas Special, Ryuichi Sakamoto 's " Forbidden Colours " was not released on any soundtrack. Gordon Lightfoot 's 'If You Could Read My Mind' was also used multiple times in the series, in the street-artist segment, but he would not give permission for the song to be included in a compilation. " Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five " by Paul McCartney and Wings was also used for the oversized men segments but was not on the soundtrack.

Guys who want to be friends with women (in my experience) typically don’t fall into the category of being successful with women so therein lies the problem. Sure it’s fine to be friends with women if you can handle it and if you have an abundance of women in your life. Otherwise I think you and I can agree, it is mostly detrimental to young men to be friends with women and nearly no benefit. I mean what are we supposed to say? Listen to what women have to say about women? HAHAHA make me laugh. They don’t know what the fuck they want or who the fuck they are most of the time to tell you anything about other women.

Test prop shut you down

test prop shut you down


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