Test prop libido increase

Blue Top Kalpa Test Prop-Minimal Pip,Very easy to draw,Packaged beautifully shrink wrapped,Crimps were tight,all the vials were filled to the exact To be honest I felt as though the kalpa test prop was UNDER DOSED(not bunk).My diet was on point,sleep was great,and training was goodSo I no they were not factors in its effects,Only when dosed (2ml) would I feel a slight Increase in libido and strength .Now I did not get bloods with it I no my bad been busy,But I have compared it too 2 other sources im using and it definently falls I am not blaming neo for this He runs a tight things are out of his control.

I was nervous about the MK677. I didnt know the brand and i honestly wasnt shure about the products effects. But i trust the owners of this site and gave it a go. I am very suprised. The first night i didnt feel much, but the day after, i my body was tight and dried out. I was feeling tired and lethargic ( in a nice way), and i had a constant small pump, despite no training that day.
I have been running 5 vials of Bio Peptide IGF LR3, and i love it. This vial was also legit, and they have even made a new kind of security number. Very pleased!
Vikalis does the job ;)

Test prop libido increase

test prop libido increase


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