The Architect Solution to innovate design for building facade, as a medium for advertisement, without altering the present facade of the building. STAMISOL is a product of Ferrari, a leading fabric supplier from france. This material has already established its stand in European Market, as on of the major competitors in the field of Building Facade design.
This new installation reveals the lightweight, resistance, homogeneity and dimensional stability of the textiles. These qualities derive from Précontraint® technology, which is invented to turn a textiles into a material fit for architecture.

• Being real heat shields they contribute to improved energy performance in buildings.
• a guarantee of optimal glare-free visibility on to the outside
• resistance and dimensional stability, plus the Serge Ferrari Précontraint exclusive patented technology that gives a thin, lightweight product.
• Soltis 92 offers a large choice of 50 colours to increase technical and aesthetic solutions:
to adapt to the aspect of the façade.
• 100 % recyclable using the patented process Texyloop®
• NF Toiles (French fabric norms) certification
• LCA and FDES (Environment and Health Data Sheet) available on request.