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The first thing I would do, though - particularly if this really is mission critical for search and rescue teams - is buy better hardware. You should have more CPUs and more RAM to service your application. You also absolutely need better high availability (. clustering, mirroring or Availability Groups). There is no reason that a reboot of a physical machine should take your application completely offline - we have better solutions for that problem. And finally, I presume this "server" only has one spinny disk drive. This means that all I/O - from the OS, from SQL Server data files, log files, tempdb, etc. all go through a single controller and share read/write activity on a single drive. Get more disks. Get SSDs if/where you can. Use RAID and try to spread the I/O out as much as possible.

Cpu chay 100 tren win 7

cpu chay 100 tren win 7


cpu chay 100 tren win 7cpu chay 100 tren win 7